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Vice Sergeant at Arms

The Vice SAA serves alongside the SAA as the club’s ambassador, the first contact point for guests and members at each meeting.

Every member is obligated to be the Vice SAA at least 2x per year.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Consult with the SAA as to whether you should print any meeting documents or bring anything else to the meeting. See the SAA description in this Discussion Forum for all meeting materials.
  • Be prepared to arrive early (latest 45 minutes prior to the start of the meeting, generally 18:15) on the day of the meeting.

Upon Arrival at the Meeting

  • Arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Supplies are all the way upstairs in the closet of the Carolistube
  • Extract the name tags, name placards, table placards,
  • Arrange the room and equipment (with the help of the Vice SAAs):
  1. Club banner displayed in a corner at the front of the room
  2. Beamer and screen set up (with power and extension cords) if applicable
  3. First aid kit laid out
  4. 4-5 evaluation forms at each place
  5. An agenda (from the TME) at each place
  6. Ballots at each place
  7. A pen at each place
  8. Extra note paper on each table
  9. Table number placards on each table (so the waiters can read them to serve meals)
  10. Name tags and name placards laid out for members; blank name placards and name tags ready for guests, plus marker for writing
  11. Flipchart and markers set up for Grammarian (in corner opposite banner next to the stage)
  12. New Member Certificates ready for newly inducted members if applicable (tiny black leather case in the blue drawer)
  13. Give the timer (digital or analog) and time cards to the Timer
  14. Give the gavel and “best” ribbons to the President
  15. For special meetings, make sure the requisite materials are available and furniture/props arranged
  16. In particular for debates: The SAA should bring special debate ballots to the debate, ensure the 2 timer bells are available, and arrange to have 2 tables with 2 chairs each placed to the left and right of the stage area for the debate teams.

Get your own drink and glass and place them at your seat

Sit at the back of the room to quietly and discreetly greet and situate guests/members who arrive late

15 Minutes prior to the Meeting

  • Stand at the door with to greet guests and members
  • Ensure all members and guests order and pay for meals and drinks
  • Have guests write their names clearly in large letters on a name placards, both sides
  • Fill out a name tag for each guest.
  • Give guests a brochure
  • Help guests find a seat and introduce them to experienced members
  • Make a list of all guests, and give the list to the President before the meeting begins (for introductions)

After the Meeting

Collect and store all club paraphernalia — including unused evaluation forms, ballots, and notepaper — carefully in its proper bag/box/case, and return everything to the supply closet.