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The purpose of the Listener is to listen carefully during the meeting and make a note of interesting words or phrases (from speakers, evaluators, everyone). During the evaluation session at the end of the meeting, the listener has 2-3 minutes to repeat words and phrases to the audience. The audience tries to recall who said what.  This role helps the listener improve listening and note-taking skills, and helps the audience’s improve listening and memory skills.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Ask the General Evaluator (GE) if he/she will invite you to give a brief explanation of the duties of the Listener in the beginning of the meeting for the benefit of the guests. If so, prepare those your role description.

Upon Arrival at the Meeting

  • Get a pen and blank piece of paper on which to make notes.

During the Meeting

  • Explain the role of the Listener to the club if invited to do so by the General Evaluator (GE).
  • Throughout the meeting, listen carefully to everyone make a note of words and phrases that catch your attention. They can be common or unusual. This is up to you. Do not forget to write down who said what.
  • When called on by the GE during the general evaluation section, take the stage and repeat words and phrases to test the audience’s memory. Ask the audience to say who said what, wait until the correct name has been said, and confirm it. Then move onto the next phrase. You may wish to mix-up the order of phrases to keep people guessing. Your time limit is 2-3 mins.