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General Evaluator

The GE is responsible for giving feedback on the entire meeting, however the main focus of the feedback is on the evaluators. Feedback may examine administrative and organizational issues not addressed in any other forum.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Assist the TME in filling the evaluator roles. Contact all speech evaluators and other evaluation team members (Ah & Vote Counter, Grammarian, Timer) well in advance of the meeting. Ensure that they understand their responsibilities.
  • Prepare a brief explanation of your duties and a list of your team members, so you can call on them when required.

Upon Arrival at the Meeting

  • Meet briefly with each functionary to ensure they are prepared for their roles.
  • Confirm that the timer is comfortable with the timing device and knows the time-limits for each part of the meeting and each speaker.
  • Make sure that each evaluator has the speaker’s manual and knows how to evaluate the speech and how to introduce the respective speaker.
  • Note how well the venue is prepared and if the meeting begins on time

During the Meeting

  • Observe the meeting carefully and record your observations – include positive opinions and any recommended areas for improvement.
  • When called on by the TME, stand at the front and invite your team up one at a time (Ah & Vote Counter, Grammarian and Timer) to give their reports. After they are finished, give your report, in which you may include the following:
  • A feedblack to each evaluators : did they offer relevant praise and useful feedback?
  • Flow and general conduct of the meeting (eg. Opened on time? Were program changes clear?)
  • Various functionary roles and reports (eg. Did the Timer maintain control; did the Grammarian make useful comments on relevant grammatical issues?)
  • TME and Sergeant at Arms
  • Table Topics (eg. creativity, involvement of all who have not had a chance to speak, including guests if they choose)
  • Other general comments
  • Cede the stage to the TME