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Ah & Vote Counter

The purpose of the Ah & Vote Counter is to:

  • Note words and sounds used as crutches, voiced pauses, or pause fillers, by anyone who speaks during the meeting.  Words such as ‘and’ or ‘well’, ‘but’, ‘so’, ‘you know’ or sounds such as ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘er’ may be inappropriate interjections. You should also note when a speaker repeats a word or phrase unduly.
  • Collect and tally all votes for Best Speaker, Best Evaluator, and Best Table Topics speaker. Confer with the Timer to make sure that all speakers were within their required time limits and have not been disqualified.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Ask the General Evaluator (GE) if he/she will invite you to explain the duties of the Ah & Vote Counter at the beginning of the meeting for the benefit of guests. If so, prepare your role description.

During the Meeting

  • Introduce your role to the audience if agreed to beforehand with the General Evaluator (GE).
  • Throughout the meeting, observe everyone (excluding guests) for crutch words, sounds and long pauses used as fillers (rather than as a necessary part of sentence structure). Write down how many crutch words or words each person used during all portions of the meeting.
  • When called on by the General Evaluator during the evaluation segment, take the stage and deliver your report.
  • Please also acknowledge people who used no filler words
  • Count the votes for Best Speaker, Best Evaluator and best Table Topic Speaker. Hand the results over to the president at the end of the meeting. He will announce the winners and award ribbons.