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A Typical Meeting

Our typical meetings are based on Toastmasters International recommendations:

These are the key points of the meeting in Zuriberg club:

  1. At 18:45 we pay for our dinner and drinks. (We all arrive early to enable us to begin the official meeting promptly at 19:00.)
  2. The first segment of the official meeting is devoted to prepared speeches, usually there are 5 prepared speeches and then we vote on the Best Speaker.
  3. We break for dinner at approximately 20:00
  4. After dinner, evaluators provide 3 minutes of oral feedback on each prepared speech and then we vote on the Best Speech Evaluator.
  5. The Table Topics session is next! This is our chance to speak on our feet, i.e. with no preparation for up to 2 minutes on a designated topic. Often a source of hilarity.
    We vote on the Best Table Topics Speaker.
  6. After that, our Grammarian offers observations and tips on the use of English, our Ah-Counter reports on how many “Ahs” and other meaningless sounds he noticed, and our Listener tests our memory retention of phrases uttered during the evening.
  7. Finally, the President awards the Best Speaker, Best Table Topics Speaker, and Best Evaluator prizes, and we adjourn the meeting.
  • Our objective is to develop our skills, but also to have good time, so do expect fun and nice atmosphere  🙂
  • Presented above is a typical meeting. Please note that sometimes we follow a slightly different agenda when we plan a debate, workshop, speech marathon or club contest. Any special event will be clearly marked in the agenda

Below you may see a template for the meeting agenda itself. An updated agenda will be available on each table upon arrival.