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Table Topics Marathon 8th January

We started the year with an extra meeting: a Table Topic Marathon on the 8th of January!

Four extraordinary Table Topic Masters entertained us and made think hard for each of the 6 speakers. Their topics where funny and creative and they challenged the imagination of our speakers. Thanks to Peter, Nicola, Stefano O and Andre!

We also had the evaluations of Lesley, Roland, Sonja and Margherita, 4 experienced members who gave constructive feedback to the speakers of each Table Topic.
And finally 4 winners who started the New Year with the Toastmasters energy!

Bravo to Roland, Hicham, Margherita and Lesley! Well done!

Zuriberg Christmas Party 2018

Do you belong to the millions and millions of people around the globe who believe in astrology and who set their hopes for the New Year in an auspicious alignment of the stars? Or are you more of the scientific type, who believes in science instead, like our very own, brilliant toastmaster Tatyana Mishchenko?

Tatyana gave a hilarious, entertaining and thoughtful talk in celebration of our year-end party at TM Zuriberg. She conclusively proved how well the stars aligned with our Toastmasters club in 2018:

  • black holes colliding
  • new planets popping up
  • new galaxies forming
  • oddly shaped objects and a highly visible comet flying by the Earth
  • Jupiter being “upgraded” to planet status

And at the same time our club:

  • Welcomed many new members
  • Saw Hicham Adamou “upgraded” to Area Director
  • Hosted “flying by” Toastmasters from Japan and Qatar
  • Conducted a joint evening with the German-speaking Zurich Rhetorik Club (we can highly recommend this inspiring experience!)
  • Club officers resurfaced as active speakers (Nicola von Lutterotti and Sergey Sarykalin)
  • Left a trail on the international speaker stage (Lesley Stephenson)
  • and established new TM clubs (the Youth TM club, founded by Kyle Bullus, and the Credit Swiss TM, founded by Margherita Brodbeck-Roth in 2018).

There was also a lot of entertaining storytelling (Nicola von Lutterotti and Karina Castella), a story-reading (Sonja Bonin) and a fabulous, funny table topics session led by Kyle Bullus. 

Thank you and shout out to our beloved president, Michelle Sabatini, to Tatyana, Kyle and all contributors for making this a delightful, memorable evening! And Massimo for taking the photos

We look forward to an equally exciting new year at TM Zuriberg, starting with a special table topics marathon on January 8 (in addition to our regular meeting on January 15th)which should prepare us well for the club contest on February 26th!

Happy New Year to all Zuribergers, guests and all Toastmasters around the world!

Zuriberg Toastmasters and Rhetorik Club Zurich 23.10.2018

On the 23rd October we had a joint evening with the Rhetorik Club Zürich, our fellow German speaking club.
In the first part of the meeting, we played Taboo, a word guessing game, led by Lukas from Rhetorik club.
The evening continued with Margherita and Michelle giving an explorative and cultural themed Table Topics which involved translating aphorisms, idioms and proverbs from Sicily and Ticino that our speakers had to explain to the audience.
They were amazing! Eric gave us an extra Table Topics speech explaining the meaning of “That girl is growing mould”.
Overall a very interesting and fun night. Thanks for all who attended. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Sonja for taking the pictures on the evening.

Debate night at Zuriberg Toastmasters

On Tuesday 11th August 2018 instead of our regular meeting, Zuriberg Toastmasters held a debate night. The evening consisted of two debates, each with two teams of two people. Debating is a great opportunity for teams not only to develop their speech giving skills, but also quick thinking, logical argument forming and answering on the spot questions.

Our first competent Debate Master started the night off as debate master proposing the motion “This house believes that all disposal plastic should be banned by 2020”. The debate between the proposition and opposition soon got underway, with some exciting questions at the end. A brief evaluation was given, with some relevant feedback.

Zuriberg Debate

After the dinner break, the next debate followed from another one of our experienced members, with the more theologically themed motion “This house believes that it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice”. Again another tense but exciting debate ensued. Zuriberg Debate

The night was an overall success, both the audience and debaters learnt something and was a nice change from the usual program. The winners were announced and a small gift awarded to the winning team.

Thank you all for your attendance, participation (especially those who took a role) and for the feedback given. A particular well done to the winners of the debates.

Regular Meeting on 17th July 2018

Here are a few pictures of our last meeting. Many thanks to our committed member Luis Cuesta for the photos

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